James C. Gunter

Writer of all things. Content Strategist at TruHearing.

Purveyor of zen content.

Zen Content Strategy

"It's the notes you don't play that make the difference." - Miles Davis

We generally think of the universe as a series of "things"--planets, stars, particles, atoms--that exist in a vast space of nothing. However, if it were not for the "nothing" in between them, these things would not be discrete entities. It is the space between, in fact, that makes them unique bodies that exist separate from one another.

It's the same way with the content we produce. Blog posts, microcopy, social media, white papers, interface design, press releases, webinars, podcasts--these things don't exist on their own. They are only effective when they acknowledge their relationship to one another. Together they create a harmonious strategy that gives your audience a sense of who you are, what you do, and--when done well--the feeling that they want to be part of your universe.

When all your content is working together smoothly you have harmony--you achieve content zen.

But you can't achieve zen without looking at the entire system. Every piece of your content strategy is important--from understanding who you are as a brand to your monthly publishing calendar to your business cards.

Call it zen; call it Nirvana or Valhalla. It's simply what happens when all your content works together to achieve a single goal.

Whether working on a single webpage or an organization-wide content overhaul, content zen is what I seek to achieve.